Welcome to the NextBuses
online stakeholder resource

This website has been designed as a way of sharing information about exciting developments with the NextBuses project, the latest information service to be launched by Traveline. The information on this site provides a simple and quick way to keep all NextBuses stakeholders up to date with the latest news about this national service.

NextBuses is a mobile internet service which makes it possible to find bus times on your mobile internet enabled phone. The service is also available through iPhone apps which can be bought from the App Store and will become available as apps on other platforms in the future. The mobile internet service has already been launched using a national digital campaign to help raise awareness amongst 16-30 year olds. Online advertisements were used on websites such as The Student Room, Facebook and Miniclip to reach the target audience for the service.

On this site, you can find more information about the service and also download NextBuses artwork for promotional items including leaflets, posters and pens as well as larger scale media such as bus rear and bus shelter artwork to help continue to raise awareness of the service in your area.