What is Traveline?
Traveline is a public transport information service for the whole of the UK, providing route and timetable information for all bus, coach and rail services. Traveline provides an impartial journey planning service through regional call centres, websites and the Traveline text messaging service. NextBuses is the latest service to be launched by Traveline.

How can I access NextBuses?
You can access NextBuses by going to from your mobile internet browser, or by texting TRAVELINE to 84268 to receive a bookmark for the service. Or you can use an app for the iPhone (and apps for other devices are expected in the future).

Once you have accessed NextBuses, you will be prompted to enter your location. This can be a postcode, a street name or a town. You can then select your bus stop from the map to get information about the times and destinations of the next buses to leave from that stop. Where available, this information will be real time so you will know the exact time your bus is due to arrive. Apps work slightly differently often being able to use GPS to locate you to start the process.